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Here are a few questions that often come up before, during or after installation.

Why is my brand new window fogging up? Is this normal?

Condensation is normal, especially in our cold Canadian winters. Moisture from the air inside your home can deposit itself onto surfaces at lower temperatures, causing condensation. In fact, the likelihood of condensation on new windows vs old windows is just as likely.  New windows may even increase condensation because they reduce draughts inside the home. With that said, it's important to know how you can reduce condensation buildup to prevent mould, wood rot, and peeling paint. 

To help with any condensation issues, ensure that any vents are near a window do not have obstructions overtop (like a bed or a table) that will direct the hot air to the cooler surface. Also, keep humidifiers away from windows and always remember to use proper ventilation (like hood fans & bathroom fans) to help control the level of humidity in your home. 

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